Leadership and Staff

Board of Directors

Renee’ Misso, President
Gina Kullrich, Vice President
Tom Hottman, Secretary
Nancy Baley
Pat Bowlby
Marla Edge
Geoff Marx, MD
Teresa Miles
Angie Nichols


Executive Director

Rachel Throne


Medical Director

Kristi Coleman, MD


Clinical Staff

Jennifer Newton, RD, LD, CDE – Registered Dietician


Melanie Reed, RN – Clinical Manager


Pamela Howell – Registered Nurse


Jeri Icenbice – Registered Nurse


Dana Ouellette – Registered Nurse


Deborah Roberts – Registered Nurse


Denise Roskos – Registered Nurse


Kris Sachara – Registered Nurse


Jennifer Soden – Registered Nurse


Denise Britain – Licensed Nurse


Kerry Case – Licensed Nurse


Midge Jameson – Licensed Nurse


Stacy Reed – Licensed Nurse


Nancy West – Licensed Nurse


Bonnie Hamblin – Hospice Aide


Erika Hartz – Hospice Aide


Laura Heitkamp – Hospice Aide


Emma Santos – Hospice Aide


Cody Weimann – Hospice Aide


Holley Wilson – Hospice Aide


Angelina Kennon, MSW – Social Services & Camp Director


Marcia Reynolds, MSW, LCSW – Social Worker


Theresa Ayala – Social Services


Steve Hamlin – Spiritual Counselor


Steve Van Buren – Spiritual Counselor


Brenda Hagge – Volunteer Counselor


Jennifer Smith – Community Outreach


Tara Garlock – Project Specialist & Bereavement Coordinator


Administrative Staff

Trebor McCormick – Human Resources


Dawn Wideman – Financial Specialist


Pam Lockett – Medical Records


Cathy Bousquet – Administrative Secretary


Lauren Hobbs – Thrift Store Manager


Crystal Fletcher – Assistant Thrift Store Supervisor


Veronica Bradbury – Thrift Store Stock Person


Kathy Lahey – Thrift Store Stock Person


Jennifer Livingstone – Thrift Store Clothing Specialist


Judy Martin – Thrift Store Stock Person/Cashier


Bobbie Parker – Thrift Store Stock Person


Justin Reeder – Lead Thrift Store Stock Person


Mary June Scott – Thrift Store Stock Person/Cashier


Bonnie Sims – Thrift Store Stock Person


Blake Throne – Thrift Store Stock Person


Ben Whalen – Thrift Store Stock Person