When Is Hospice Right?


When is hospice right?


When you or someone you care about, regardless of age, are facing a prognosis of less than six months and have reached a point where you no longer desire or it is no longer possible to pursue curative treatment to prolong your life, then you may want to consider hospice care.

Hospice care may be appropriate when you or someone you love:

– Has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and does not or cannot pursue curative treatment.

– Wants to remain at home, wherever home is.

– Is in pain or is having difficulty with symptom control.

– Experiences frequent hospitalizations when facing a life-limiting illness.

– Requires frequent telephone calls to medical professionals, doctor’s office or emergency room visits and a physician has given them a prognosis of less than six months.

– Can no longer take care of themselves or is having difficulty keeping up with the caregiving needs when facing the end of life.

Hope does not end with hospice


Choosing hospice does not mean giving up hope.  It is a choice that will help make every day count and to live the best quality of life possible, regardless of how long that life may be.  There are times when hospice may no longer be appropriate and a person may be discharged from hospice services due to an improvement in their condition.  A person can always seek hospice services again if they experience another decline.

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