Camp Evergreen


July 19-23, 2021

2015 CE (182)

Camp Evergreen 2015

* Priority is given to first time campers. *

Application must be returned to Klamath Hospice by:  TBA 

*Even if your child has been to camp before you MUST FULLY COMPLETE an application for the current year.  This helps us identify any current issues that we should know about.  Thank you.*

What is Camp Evergreen?

2015 CE (129)

Camp Evergreen 2015

Camp Evergreen is a youth grief camp which strives to provide a safe, healthy, supportive and accepting atmosphere for youth to share experiences and feelings associated with the death of a loved one.  We service approximately 50 children, ages 8 through 16, each year.

What does camp cost?

Free!  Thanks to generous community financial support and the participation of a dedicated volunteer staff, there is no fee for campers to attend.

What happens at camp?

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Camp Evergreen 2015

Campers participate in fun adventures organized and facilitated by qualified camp staff and volunteers.

The many adventures are designed to:
– develop self confidence,
– build trust,
– teach coping skills, and
– allow kids to simply be kids again.

Camp Evergreen is a safe space to share and hear the stories of loss from peers, which helps to validate feelings and foster hope in knowing that campers are not alone.

Our staff includes a Camp Director, Medical Staff, and trained volunteers.

The camp experience includes:

2015 CE (288)

Camp Evergreen 2015

– Sleeping in cabins (supervised and organized by age and gender)
– Healthy meals and snacks
– Restroom facilities
– Private showers
– Swimming with certified lifeguard supervision
– Recreational play field
– Campfire pit
– Climbing wall and Zip line
– Hiking trails

Where is camp located?

Mountain Lakes Bible Camp located approximately 25 miles from Klamath Falls on Hwy 140 (21200 Varney Creek Road, Klamath Falls OR 97603).

Do you transport campers?

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Camp Evergreen

It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to drop off and pick up their campers to and from camp.

Who can refer a child to camp?

Anyone can refer a camper to Camp Evergreen by contacting Klamath Hospice at 541-882-2902, emailing Tara, or by completing our online camp referral form.