In their own words…

Sometimes a family’s words of appreciation provide the best picture of the care their loved one received from Klamath Hospice.  The excerpts below are from our families.

“To the Greatest Folks on Earth!  “Thank you” seems to be so little in what you all did for us!  Thirteen months ago we had no idea how much we would be relying on you wonderful people.  You provided information, loving care, assistance, reassurance, dignity, support and prayers for Dad, Mom, Phil and me.  What a service you provided us and continue to do for us.  Please know we appreciate you and will always think and remember you with sincere love.  Hugs to all!  You are amazing folks!!” ~ Rita, Phil & Family

“Thank you to everyone in your business for the kindness, support and care of my brother during his final weeks on this earth.  Also, thank you for continuing to support me.” ~ Bev

“Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.  However, it’s all that we have, so thank you for supporting our family during what is undoubtedly the most difficult of situations.  Thank you for caring.” ~ Lisa, Jill, Dottie, Tammy, Jeanne

“We want to thank you so much for your love and care of our beloved Dad.  You were all so kind and considerate with your care.  You’ve made this situation so much better.  God bless you all.” ~ Diane, John and Rob

“Dear Klamath Hospice staff, Thanks for your care and all the TLC.  We do one day at a time.  We need all the help we can get just to get through.  Again thanks!” ~ Ruby and Opal

“You are all angels.” ~ Donna

“Thank you for being there for my wife.  You were great.  The care you give is top notch.  We appreciate how loving and caring you are.”  ~  Phillip

“You made an enormous difference in her quality of life and we will be forever grateful to you!  There are no words to express how much happiness and enjoyment you give her in the last months of her life.  She so looked forward to every visit and especially getting her hair washed and combed.  I can’t say enough about your efficient, kind, reassuring, and steadfast support to her, my sisters and me.  It was so good to know she was in your good hands.  She died very peacefully, happy and without pain.” ~ Mona

“Although my mother was not part of Klamath Hospice but for two days, I cannot say enough.” ~ Lucinda

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of our mother.  It was hard not being there but it helped knowing that she was in good hands.  Thank you.”   ~ Laura and Steve


Young woman hugging her grandmother  “We appreciate all that you did for our father and for our family.  It is truly a blessing to have someone to call in times of need.  Thank you so much.”


“We wish to thank all of the staff from Klamath Hospice for the kind words and help caring for our loved one.”  ~Ramona, John, Sara, Tim


“To all the staff and nurses, Thanks for all your help and support with my mother.  God bless!”  ~Rick


“Dear Klamath Hospice,  Thank you for your support and care you gave my husband and myself before he passed.  You are a wonderful group of individuals.”  ~Katie


“To the [Klamath] Hospice Family,  All of us want to express our sincere thanks to a wonderful, loving, caring, hardworking group of people that we all admire very much.  It was such a pleasure getting to know everyone individually who took such great care of my mom.  Everyone will be remembered forever in our hearts.”  ~Cheryl


“Wonderful people.  Quick response all weekend while we had your services.”  ~Brittany