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Volunteer at Treasures
Thrift Stores

Join the Family!

Treasures and TreasuresToo have a family-like atmosphere. Volunteers bring their interests, expertise, and passions and work alongside employees to get reasonably priced treasures on the sales floor daily. Adults and youth work side by side helping and learning from each other. Working with students to complete Senior Projects is a pleasure.

Available volunteer duties and opportunities:

  • Customer Service: greet and help customers, assist cashiers, and straighten sales floor

  • Display: move processed donations to the sales floor, and merchandise them for quick sale

  • Processing: clean, test, and price incoming donations

  • Receiving: meet donors at their vehicles and accept donations

  • Sorting: determine saleability of incoming items, and distribute to individual departments for processing

Adult and Youth Volunteers Welcome

We are always looking for fun-loving, positive, and dedicated volunteers to join our family.  Morning and afternoon shifts are available.  Schedules are flexible.  All training is provided.

Volunteering provides:

  • career experience,

  • job skills,

  • a boost in self-confidence,

  • a sense of purpose, and

  • an opportunity to make new friends and community connections.


Why wait? Leap into action and say “YES!” to volunteering!
Contact us today at 541-880-0596 or 541-882-2902.
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